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Estimates – Please see our Estimates page.

Body Repair – We are able to repair many different types of damage, most repairs however consist of both the repairing of parts and replacement as well.  Repairing sheet metal and bumpers is a skilled trade that not everyone can do the same.  Our technicians are the best around and can make the damage on your vehicle invisible.  Extensive training, top of the line materials, and care are what sets us above all others.

Refinishing – Nothing makes a vehicle look better than a new finish, however nothing makes one look worse than a finish that does not match.  Equipped with DuPont’s finest paint line, Chroma Premier, and an expert refinishing team, we guarantee you will get a finish equal to, or better than the factory applied finish.

Pin striping – We offer a wide variety of adhesive tape pin striping.  Whether you are looking to replace your existing with a new color or add to a vehicle that is too “plain” we can help. 

Frame and uni-body straightening machine
Frame straightening machine

Frame and Uni-body Straightening – The foundation of any vehicle is the frame or uni-body.  We are able to repair virtually any commuter or light commercial vehicles frame or unitized structure back to the manufacturer’s specifications.  We utilize the Chief PORTAL measuring system, Chief Goliath vehicle rack, and Brewco 360o vehicle rack.

Collision Alignments – During a collision, many times a vehicles suspension and steering components can become damaged.  It is vital that any alignment issues are properly diagnosed and repaired to prevent abnormal tire wear, steering issues, etc.  Unlike a routine maintenance alignment, collision alignments can be much more involved.  Using the latest technology and training, we are able to correct and damage related problems and put you back on the road with confidence. 

Rock Chip Repair – There are several ways to improve a rock chip in your vehicles paint depending on your expected outcome. 

  • The most economical, but most visible is to simply fill the chip in with the same color paint that your car has. 
  • A cost effective option for a panel that does not have severe number of rock chips is the fill, clear, and buff method.  This is adding 2 steps to the 1st method by applying clear coat over the color fill (like from the factory) and then buffing the area to be smooth with the rest of the panel. The chips would still be detectible if looked for but one can expect about a 75% improvement. NOTE:  Neither of the above options are adequate for silvers, golds, pearl coats, or any other metallic heavy finishes as it darkens the spot.
  • For a severe number of rock chips the best option is to sand down the entire panel and refinish it.This will make any evidence of the rock chips undetectable and the panel look like new again.
Paintless Dent Repair
Paintless dent repair - before Before
Paintless dent repair - after
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) – Door dings, rock chips, hail stones, and other damages that have not broken the paint are all potential candidates for PDR.  PDR is the rolling or pushing a dent out from the backside of the panel.  This is much more cost effective than traditional way of sanding, filling, and refinishing.  For more info on PDR please see these articles from MSN autos and Wikipedia.

Coordinated Towing – We work with many of the local towing companies and can coordinate getting your non-drivable vehicle to our facility, usually the same day. 

Temporary Repairs – If you are unable to have complete repairs done but need to have your vehicle drivable again, speak with one of our damage consultants to find out if a temporary repair is an option.  Many times we can have you safely back on the road, even if a majority of the damage is still present.

Other Services:

  • Door adjustments
  • Hinge Pins
  • Window track repairs
  • Glass replacement
  • Fallout removal
  • Buffing / Polishing